7 December 2010

The Financial Journey

My name is Alex Young and I am 26 Years Old. I have plenty of optimism, plenty of drive and i’m eager to learn. I’m also FLAT broke!

I always wondered how financially successful individuals made it, exactly how they got there and wished the path could be documented so that others could follow, so I decided to do it myself, to go an adventure; a journey to the other side of the world, where dignity and opportunity arises from financial security. The other side of the world where I can buy fun toys and have more freedom. A place where i can give back and leave a real mark on the world.

To quote the words of Helen Keller, 'Life is either a great adventure or nothing' 

I am about to embark on a challenging, fun adventure and im hoping to meet many fun and interesting characters along the way, but i must start in my mind, visualising the person i wish to become EVERY DAY.

I heard that you must always know where you wish to end up before you enter. So what is my exit strategy? I've decided to start off with a goal that challenges me, but may be conservative in eyes of others. £400,000 a year, a little over a yearly salary of 30k, coming in each month. From this vantage point, visualising something like this when i look at my bank balance takes more than just a little imagination! :-)

I've made my preparations and im ready to set out and the contents of my backpack make for an extremely lightweight point of reference; one quote 'Always save money from each paycheque'

As I leave I will continue to make entries about my thoughts and key learnings and I gladly invite you to come on the journey along with me.


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