29 January 2011

Dealing With Frustration

As all Yell0brickrd readers will know, my initial goal is to reach the stage where I am generating just over 30k per month or 400k per year passive income, without having to physically work for it. I chose this number because from a starting point of being FLAT BROKE, its enough inspiration and enough of a challenge to keep me laser focused.

My specific yell0brickrd journey with reference to my plan started only a month ago, but my personal journey in terms of self development and becoming the kind of person I desire to be with the attributes I have wished to have started much longer ago.

Upon some reflection of my journey so far, I became irritated and realized that I have been frustrated for quite some time. I consider this to be a very important post, and at

25 January 2011

Creating A Business Logo

So the next thing to think about in greater detail was my creating a business logo and what I wanted it to represent, making sure that it was something powerful that would be recognized in the industry. It’s strange, but right from the original inception I had a glowing image in my head of what I wanted; something very simple, but something I could make my own with the design and the name of the business attached to it. In a financial statement, the details of which I will be explaining in greater detail in a later post, things such as logos show up on your sheet as goodwill; not necessarily

22 January 2011

Basics Of Commodities

The very first thing I’ve had to do on my journey so far is demystify all of the big words the financial world uses to describe tools of money. There are a million definitions flying about for a million complicated words and as I get involved in the various aspects of reaching 400k a year I will try to break them down for myself as a layman and explain them to you. So in the first instalment of that, I want to take some time to break down the basics of commodities; what they are, and why we should use them as part of the overall plan to build wealth.

Commodities are those things which come

18 January 2011

Managing Debt

In my post 'Improving Your Credit Rating' I spoke about how dismal my credit rating was and mentioned a few tactics I will be utilizing to improve it. I also mentioned that I would be going into greater detail about why managing debt was an essential skill that needs to be understood and employed by the investor.

An essential part of speeding up my process will now revolve around my ability to get a handle on managing new debt, after I dispose of old debt from past purchases for silly things such as my insatiable love for fashion and other things such as old mobile bills when I used to be a chatterbox with no regard for the bill that would follow! When I first embarked upon this journey old debt was the main thing that concerned me and I thought that once it was sorted, I could get creative and start making money without having to worry about other debts that I owe and having to rely on borrowing money. I quickly realized however, that beyond the initial desire to be debt free, there is a second level rarely spoken about.

14 January 2011

Writing A Strong Business Plan

Ok guys so I have muscled up the courage to start looking deeper into how I can start to write a plan that will help my ideas come together for my business. I heard somewhere that learning how to raise capital is a very important part in becoming successful. Basically that means learning how to present your request for money in a way that will get you the amount you need from a bank/lender in order to further your dreams. Now I still haven't raised any capital yet and I'm sure I will be making mistakes aplenty lol, but for now I just wanted to let you know that I am well and truly on the path to writing it down on paper and making it more of a reality, rather than being an idea within my mind.

So how did I find out how to start? Well, as I

11 January 2011

Why Invest In Yourself?

Over the years I have read so many books and listened to so many personal development programs which have helped to mould my ideas about who I am as a person, and about what I would like to achieve insofar as my finances are concerned. I am a voracious reader, as I strongly believe that increasing your knowledge is one of the most powerful ways to move forward. I am fortunate to have discovered very early on that investing in yourself is the absolute best thing you can do to achieve not only financial freedom, but all round success. 

Brian Tracy once mentioned that the average person reads less than one book a year! What would happen if you were to read

7 January 2011

Income to Make you rich Pt 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, I spoke about the different types of income that can provide wealth and security which no longer require a job to maintain. This is income is always extremely nice to see appearing in the bank or through the letterbox and gives a sense of freedom from the ups and downs of working for someone else, paying excessive taxes etc.  The ultimate type of income is

4 January 2011

A Business Idea

So...I'm 26 and STILL broke trying to navigate my way to yell0brickrd: 400k each year. I aspire to exit the workforce and get to the position where my assets pay for all my living expenses and then some!

At the moment I have a sales job in the pharma industry which provides an average income. I spotted a gap in the market in the industry where a simple service idea could make life a lot easier for the clients I talk to on the phone on a daily basis. I took the chance to briefly talk about the ideas in a vague manner and the initial response seemed very positive. Spurred on by what I feel is the strong validity of the idea, I have decided to explore this as my first real business.

My very first challenge

1 January 2011

Investing in 2011

They always say the best time to really take a shot at becoming nice and wealthy is during a recession or during times of deep economic uncertainty. With that being said, we all know that  we are standing in the midst of such a time right now. Things such as house prices etc go down in value, people stop spending money because they are afraid of what will happen to their jobs, companies lay off employees because business no longer booms and a cycle is created. Television stations, radios and newspapers begin crying the blues about how terrible things are, and they are indeed terrible, yet this causes the masses to do the opposite of what they should be doing, which is fantastic

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