14 August 2011

A Method To Kick Start Your Investment Property Portfolio

Fresh from a seminar explaining how to use lease options, I am now preparing to purchase my first property.  I have discovered that it’s a whole different ballgame in terms of dealing with the fear of investing, especially since this is what I have been working up to in terms of the kind of income I want. Firstly I had to determine my strategy, because there are different things that you can do with property which include HMO’s, single lets etc. [take a look at the property section of Yell0brickrd for more info] 

12 July 2011

5 Ways To Turn Ambition Into Results

Ambition isn’t really a valuable commodity at all. Have you stopped to ask yourself how you are different? Why will you be the one to achieve your ambitions rather than the person next to you? 

There are many people who have ideas on how to make a lot of money, but knowing how to turn ambition into results is the key. Here are 5 keys that can help

16 June 2011

How To Protect Your House Against The Big Bad Wolf!

What do you do when the big bad wolf comes blowing? If he doesn’t try to get you one way, he’ll get you another. Whether it’s via the loss of your job, an unexpected financial setback in the family or via a reduction in interest rates or an increase in inflation, these are all things that can have an impact in your finances.
One of the aims in life is to reach a stage where you are financially secure; rock solid. In my opinion this involves building a financial house of bricks, solid against the financial weathers of life. 

This post will attempt to explain how that can be accomplished

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