26 May 2011

Drive - Daniel Pink [Review]

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates UsI recently finished reading Drive by Daniel Pink, which offers a thought provoking view on the inner workings of human drivers and how to get the best out of people within the workforce.

Pink’s book explains that under motivation 3.0, employees within a company achieve staggering results and their desire to improve is cultivated. Under the old model of motivation 2.0, employees are still provided with rewards for conformity and in the long run, their motivation stifled.

22 May 2011

How To Be Successful

Aside from achieving your financial goals, what is the best way to achieve general success?  I discovered this video and felt compelled to share it with you as a way to translate drive into effective results. I think that in addition to achieving financial success, it is great to learning how to be successful in life as well! 

My biggest learns from this video are the facts that if you are having fun, serving others first and are persistent, the financial rewards usually follow automatically. Enjoy! 

14 May 2011

How To Become A Millionaire With £200

We all have aspirations of becoming millionaires, but most of us resign to it only being a pipe dream or something that will become a reality if we win the lottery. Talk of investments and building businesses bore most people to tears. They are simply hardworking individuals who want nothing more than to become significantly richer over a long period of time so that they can be comfortable when they retire. 

10 May 2011

Budgeting, How Do You See It?

Imagine budgeting was a girl, what would she look like? The first thought is that she would be old plain and boring, kind of like the picture you see.

My job is to convince you that budgeting is actually very sexy and that it can sure make you RICH! In fact, fail to master budgeting and resign to remain poor, no matter your monthly income level!

Using the theory of Parkinson’s Law, our expenses will ALWAYS rise to meet our income level. If that’s true, the real key to success is learning how to consistently break Parkinson’s Law. What is the best thing to help in that endeavor?? Your budget!

5 May 2011

Should You Put Up Your Business For Sale?

The idea of diligently working hard and then putting up your business for sale is what it’s all about. If you’ve done your job well, you’ve increased the value of your company and you can sell it. 

That is exactly what my plan was for my business [check business section for diary entries] if I was lucky enough to build it to that stage. When I spoke to my friend about my grandiose plans for the future he suggested that I would have to think about it very carefully though. Here’s why:

4 May 2011

The Financial Journey [1st Update]

I started my journey with a dream of travelling the journey to reach yell0brickrd, 30 000 a month coming in each month. So how far along am I at the moment? Let’s take a look in some greater detail.


So my debts are still sky high but they are definitely coming down slowly. I have been throwing bits and pieces of cash at my debts so far, but i will become more aggressive to clear it quicker. Improving my rating is vital for business and property investments I will be embarking upon soon so the quicker i achieve it the better.

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