26 May 2011

Drive - Daniel Pink [Review]

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates UsI recently finished reading Drive by Daniel Pink, which offers a thought provoking view on the inner workings of human drivers and how to get the best out of people within the workforce.

Pink’s book explains that under motivation 3.0, employees within a company achieve staggering results and their desire to improve is cultivated. Under the old model of motivation 2.0, employees are still provided with rewards for conformity and in the long run, their motivation stifled.

One example given is Google, who provided their employees with 1 day a week to work on anything they pleased. During this ’20 percent time’ products such as Gmail were founded!

Stay Motivated

What I found fascinating about this book is the subject of ‘motivation 3.0’, from a perspective on achieving your own happiness in life. The argument reads that the best way to achieve real success in finance, career and life in general is to have the kind of drive that comes from within; the desire to achieve mastery by enjoying slow and steady improvement rather than motivation from an extrinsic factor.  

Anybody striving to push toward mastery and become more satisfied or any business owner aiming to derive more genuine motivation out of their employees needs to read this book. The ideas presented may be challenging but Pink makes a powerful case backed with many examples that will convince you to try it out. Pick up your copy today!

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