2 June 2011

Creating An Effective Things To Do List

Have you ever felt like a busy fool? We’ve all had that experience; working extremely hard and seeing no real results for it. The other day at dinner a few friends of mine brought up the subject of productivity, expressing their frustration at the lack of results they were seeing. We started talking about a phrase that Brian Tracy refers to a lot: ‘Spinning your wheels’. 

My particular problem was my dislike of regimented activity. I preferred to know what I needed to do in my head and work from that. I realized very quickly however that working from a list was the best way to boost your productivity.

Work from a list

If this is a something you are not currently doing, try doing this right away. Working from a list increases your level of focus and reduces frustration.  Writing things down is like emptying your cup so that you have space to fill it with new content. 

Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing your to do list puts a rocket launcher behind your productivity. Most people instinctively know what the most important task on their list is, but generally speaking, the most difficult and unpleasant tasks are the ones that have the most significant impact on your overall results.  

Don’t Forget Your Monthly Goals

To Do Lists are great BUT make sure your monthly goals have already been set. This is imperative. Using the Steven Covey method, these sometimes appear in the ‘important but not urgent’ quadrant. Making sure these are included in your day to day to do lists will provide maximum productivity.

Don’t trust your memory

Even if your memory is better than most, write things down! Doing this increases the chances of the information being acted upon drastically. Our minds can sometimes fail us, but information captured cannot!

Carry a journal

This one requires discipline, but you’ll soon be addicted to doing it and will never forget an idea again. As you use the above methods, more ideas will flow into your head. Be sure you always carry something to capture them before another task gets in your way and you idea is lost forever!

It might seem like a lot of work to do these things, but the results are MASSIVE!

How about you, what ideas have you discovered in the area of productivity to help with increasing it to its maximum potential? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know below!!

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