6 March 2011

Unfair Advantage - Robert Kiyosaki [Review]

So guys I will now be conducting regular reviews of books and material that has helped me to improve my knowledge in the area of finance, investing and self development.  

I believe that investing in yourself is the most important thing that you can to improve your knowledge and achieve success faster.

Today’s post is a very quick one, but there is a new book coming out from Robert Kiyosaki entitled ‘An Unfair advantage’ where
Robert will encourage readers who have accepted that they are "disadvantaged" people with limited options to change their points of view. He will also challenge the preconception that we are meant to struggle financially all of our lives.

Based on the sheer amount of knowledge I obtained by reading earlier books of his, I know there will be a lot to learn and I’m sure it will sell out as soon as its released. It is available for pre-order now so I thought I would give you the thumbs up!

Click here for the full review of Unfair Advantage.

 Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education

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