16 June 2011

How To Protect Your House Against The Big Bad Wolf!

What do you do when the big bad wolf comes blowing? If he doesn’t try to get you one way, he’ll get you another. Whether it’s via the loss of your job, an unexpected financial setback in the family or via a reduction in interest rates or an increase in inflation, these are all things that can have an impact in your finances.
One of the aims in life is to reach a stage where you are financially secure; rock solid. In my opinion this involves building a financial house of bricks, solid against the financial weathers of life. 

This post will attempt to explain how that can be accomplished

7 June 2011

Demystifying The Financial Statement Relationship

This is the final post in the financial statement series, where I will explain how all of the various financial statements link together, to help you to use them to analyse companies/investments and their real worth. Before reading this you may want to check out the other posts in this series to help your understanding of the financial statements relationship.

2 June 2011

Creating An Effective Things To Do List

Have you ever felt like a busy fool? We’ve all had that experience; working extremely hard and seeing no real results for it. The other day at dinner a few friends of mine brought up the subject of productivity, expressing their frustration at the lack of results they were seeing. We started talking about a phrase that Brian Tracy refers to a lot: ‘Spinning your wheels’. 

My particular problem was my dislike of regimented activity. I preferred to know what I needed to do in my head and work from that. I realized very quickly however that working from a list was the best way to boost your productivity.

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