11 January 2011

Why Invest In Yourself?

Over the years I have read so many books and listened to so many personal development programs which have helped to mould my ideas about who I am as a person, and about what I would like to achieve insofar as my finances are concerned. I am a voracious reader, as I strongly believe that increasing your knowledge is one of the most powerful ways to move forward. I am fortunate to have discovered very early on that investing in yourself is the absolute best thing you can do to achieve not only financial freedom, but all round success. 

Brian Tracy once mentioned that the average person reads less than one book a year! What would happen if you were to read
just one book or listen to just one program a month which provided you with new information about how to accomplish your goals? It sounded so silly and obvious when I discovered it, but I realised that there are so many books written about every conceivable subject that by simply picking up the books that are written you can acquire a vast amount of knowledge and apply it to your life to achieve exceptional results. By treating myself as a company whose stock and value I want to increase with every given month, I continue to take in new information and action it, in order to become more successful and share my findings with the world.

The very first book that I read in the area of self development/finances was 'Think And Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill, and strangely enough I discovered it while flicking channels and heard a commentator speaking about snooker player Peter Ebdon and how he attributed most of his success and calm demeanour to the book, I decided to check it out, and from that day forward I was hooked on self development!

In true diary fashion, I thought in this post I would simply list some of these books and programs I have personally gone through and explain how some of them have helped me. Check these out and I’m sure that they will be as invaluable to you as they were, and still are, to me.


Think and Grow Rich

The Richest Man in Babylon

In 'A Financial Plan For Security' I go into greater detail as to why this is such a great book in terms of establishing the fundamental behavioural patterns to gradually achieve wealth!

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Property Magic

Increase Your Financial IQ

Cashflow Quadrant


Psychology Of Achievement [Original Version]

In my opinion, of all the self development products I have gone through, this has by far been the most powerful. This program is excellent in changing your thought patterns and helping you to realise that anything is possible if you follow a proven method, which the master speaker Brian Tracy, highlights throughout this program. He covers self responsibility, eliminating negative emotions and regaining control, amongst many other things In my opinion this program should be introduced throughout schools to help individuals accomplish their dreams and realise their potential! The wisdom of Brian Tracy and the genius that lies in his approach in a huge number of his programs has been extremely extremely helpful to me in chiseling my character.

As you can probably tell, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! 

The Art of Exceptional Living

This has perhaps been the second most powerful program I have ever had the fortune to listen to. Jim Rohn is an amazing speaker who possesses the power to challenge you to live a higher lifestyle rather than just blending in. This genius of a program encourages you to set higher goals, improve your health, garner more satisfaction from relationships, earn more money and live an exceptional life. This is another program that I continually recommend to family and friends. This is quite simply a program you shouldn't go without!

Lead The Field

The Strangest Secret

Psychology Of Selling

When I first began my sales career I discovered this program which is another brilliant one and helped me a great deal in achieving successful conversions. The knowledge I have gleaned from this program in terms of the attitude you must have as a sales person and the techniques you can employ will be invaluable as I take the plunge to launch my business.

So...there you have it, a very small list of some of the books/programs I have gone through on my journey to Yell0brickrd. I hope you will check these out and find them to be of immense value. Throughout my diary, you will come across countless books and programs I have read which have helped to bring me to this stage in my thinking!

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