4 May 2011

The Financial Journey [1st Update]

I started my journey with a dream of travelling the journey to reach yell0brickrd, 30 000 a month coming in each month. So how far along am I at the moment? Let’s take a look in some greater detail.


So my debts are still sky high but they are definitely coming down slowly. I have been throwing bits and pieces of cash at my debts so far, but i will become more aggressive to clear it quicker. Improving my rating is vital for business and property investments I will be embarking upon soon so the quicker i achieve it the better.


Because I have creaming off 10% of my salary each month, I have been successful in becoming more secure as the months go by. This is something I will continue to do and will always hold this in cash.


Some may see commodities as an investment, but I view it as more of a savings plan. So far, I have been investing money in silver. I will also be investing in Gold and rice very soon.


As you can see, the property section of this blog is relatively empty. This is because I still haven’t managed to get my first property on the map yet. I plan to buy at least one investment property before the year is out and of course I will be keeping you updated as to what I am learning in this area along the way.


My business is still in the process of being built. This is an exciting challenge that I am relishing, stay tuned to the business action to learn all about my ups and downs and my key learning’s along the road.

Bad points

What I can see here is that I still have a lot of work to do in the area of taking more action. It looks like the fear of making mistakes in the area of investment property for example has held me back a little. A recent post I read that dealt with the area of too much analysis and not enough action really kicked me into gear. The remainder of the year therefore should see a hell of a lot more progress!!


My income is very far off my destination (most of which is also from a job). So there is a huge amount of work to be done, but I will get there and keep you updated on what I’m learning and how I’m achieving my goals!

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