10 May 2011

Budgeting, How Do You See It?

Imagine budgeting was a girl, what would she look like? The first thought is that she would be old plain and boring, kind of like the picture you see.

My job is to convince you that budgeting is actually very sexy and that it can sure make you RICH! In fact, fail to master budgeting and resign to remain poor, no matter your monthly income level!

Using the theory of Parkinson’s Law, our expenses will ALWAYS rise to meet our income level. If that’s true, the real key to success is learning how to consistently break Parkinson’s Law. What is the best thing to help in that endeavor?? Your budget!

Most people think learning how to budget and sticking to it means living frugally and denying yourself the finer things in life. That’s why we think budget as a girl might be old, plain and boring, but it all depends on your paradigm; the way you look at and use it.

The reason a budget is actually beautiful is because it’s really about diligently dispersing your income in a clever way, using it to place some of your money in vehicles that will slowly increase your income and lifestyle.

Ask yourself this, what use is a high income or passive income when you still find yourself broke in the middle of every month?!

Having a high normal or passive income without a budget is like having a Ferrari and not knowing how
to drive it properly. You would never be able to use it to its full potential or appreciate the wonderful emotions it can provide. Eventually you’ll probably crash it into a wall.

Be patient and persistent and look at it differently. When the money starts rolling in, staying and increasing, you will realize just how glamorous she really is. It’s the very thing you want by your side to almost single-handedly give you all the glorious emotions you want as your income perpetually increases.  

Take a look at that picture again. Budgeting is sexy…keep her around, and she will help you keep more of that cash around in return!

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