12 July 2011

5 Ways To Turn Ambition Into Results

Ambition isn’t really a valuable commodity at all. Have you stopped to ask yourself how you are different? Why will you be the one to achieve your ambitions rather than the person next to you? 

There are many people who have ideas on how to make a lot of money, but knowing how to turn ambition into results is the key. Here are 5 keys that can help


I’ve realised that all the people I admire have said they initially worked MUCH harder than the average bear! Once the riches came in they were able to work a lot less than the average person because they worked to build a continual income and have been rewarded with more freedom. They always stress however that this only came after the hard work to reach that stage in the first place.

Would you be willing to wake up at 5am every morning if that is what it required??? This is one such measure of your tenacity to really go the extra mile in your journey to achieve results. I have realised that building wealth requires masses of discipline and mental tenacity to keep playing until I reach my destination!

2.    Commit for the long term

One source that I read said that any new endeavour should come with a commitment to work solidly for at least one year! This put to rest the idea of working solidly for 3 or 6 months only to see no results and call it quits. Any major goal will always require a solid effort over the long term as you learn and adapt before real results will begin to flow in!

3.    Go to school

In a HUGE majority of cases, I have found that education is very important for success. Whether via seminars or books for example, education will improve your knowledge of finance, business or personal development where you are weak and as a result improve your ability to attract success via the application of that knowledge! Check out the book review section on this site for some ideas! 

4.    Networking

Networking is mandatory to success. It is important to surround yourself with the kind of people who are striving toward the similar goals of their own in the areas you are passionate about in order to have people to bounce your ideas and thoughts off of. It also kills two birds with one stone as you are learning whilst improving that quality of your associations.

5.    Set Deadlines and DEMAND progress

It is important to break goals down into mini deadlines, so that you know you are definitely making progress. This ensures that you are continually improving and you are actually moving in the direction of you goal rather than remaining stationery.  

The simplest way to achieve this is to break down goals into mini-goals with deadlines attached to them. A goal for the month for example may be broke down into weekly mini goals that ensures that you can see progress. It is very easy to ignore this and work hard for months only to realise you are seeing progress.  

I would love to know what I have missed, what other things have you discovered on your journey that increases the chances of success, let me know below!

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