13 March 2011

Hot Commodities - Jim Rogers [Review]

If you want information about why and how commodities can provide excellent returns, I recommend you check out Hot Commodities. As a premise, Jim Rogers was one of the co-founders of the ‘Quantum Fund’ a hedge fund which ultimately returned 2400%. He is now the chairman of Rogers Holdings and is one of the most successful investors of our time.

This book will definitely increase your knowledge. Rogers explores the fundamentals of various commodities and explains some of the factors that cause them to rise and fall. He provides a lesson on oil and how it exploration is becoming difficult and provides some information on alternative energy sources that we may be utilizing use in the future.

He speaks about gold and its value, and explains the reasons why investors park their money here. I learnt a hell of a lot about gold from this book, originally believing that it was a monetary metal only. It turns out that isn’t the case. In other chapters he also goes into detail about how and why china is fast becoming an economic superpower and provides a wealth of information regarding other commodities such as lead, sugar and coffee.  

This book is the kind that you have to concentrate on reading to get maximum value. The facts provided come thick and fast. In addition it is only a fundamental in terms of providing you with real takeaway investment knowledge in my opinion, so you may want to consider further enhancing your knowledge by checking out some other sources.

All of the information he provides is peppered with details on why the commodity bull run is due to continue for quite time. By reading this book, at the very least you will come away armed with a lot more intel on commodities in general and at the most, may feel ready to invest in this market in order to make a lot of money whilst protecting it from inflation and the more volatile ups and downs of the stock market, provided you have some prior knowledge. He also provides a primer on the different ways in which commodities can be traded.

All in all, I think is definitely worth checking out to increase your knowledge on this essential area of investment. Pick up your copy of ‘Hot Commodities’ today!


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