4 January 2011

A Business Idea

So...I'm 26 and STILL broke trying to navigate my way to yell0brickrd: 400k each year. I aspire to exit the workforce and get to the position where my assets pay for all my living expenses and then some!

At the moment I have a sales job in the pharma industry which provides an average income. I spotted a gap in the market in the industry where a simple service idea could make life a lot easier for the clients I talk to on the phone on a daily basis. I took the chance to briefly talk about the ideas in a vague manner and the initial response seemed very positive. Spurred on by what I feel is the strong validity of the idea, I have decided to explore this as my first real business.

My very first challenge is to sit down and decide whether this is a viable idea that could make sufficient money so as to attract investors to put their money in with the ability to have it all back in a few years. I also have to add meat to the idea and figure out what type of business model I will utilize.

As I have just started out, even knowing how to put the whole idea together on paper is daunting. Seriously guys, the task is so mammoth that I have an overwhelming desire to throw in the towel before I've even written the first sentence! lol

There are so many characteristics of a so called entrepreneur which I feel I simply don't possess, and that fear of failure and what it will cost in terms of self esteem, money and emotion is what keeps the negativity at the forefront of my mind. They also say 9 out of 10 businesses fail so I have to ask myself: am I willing to try 10 times? Call me crazy but the answer is yes! Why? Well what are the positive thoughts? I think of the kind of person it will mold me into if I’m able to bounce back up each time and eventually succeed. I think of the service I can render in an area where I see a gap, and what concentrating on genuine service first will do to my income. Subsequently this will provide me with an opportunity to support major projects with a major input which would simply be impossible if the tough world tames me back into a 9-5.

As I still have very limited funds in my pocket, I plan to fish around on the internet over the next few days to see what I can find that will give me some sort of guideline as to what to include in my plan! Any ideas from readers are more than welcome! :-)


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