29 January 2011

Dealing With Frustration

As all Yell0brickrd readers will know, my initial goal is to reach the stage where I am generating just over 30k per month or 400k per year passive income, without having to physically work for it. I chose this number because from a starting point of being FLAT BROKE, its enough inspiration and enough of a challenge to keep me laser focused.

My specific yell0brickrd journey with reference to my plan started only a month ago, but my personal journey in terms of self development and becoming the kind of person I desire to be with the attributes I have wished to have started much longer ago.

Upon some reflection of my journey so far, I became irritated and realized that I have been frustrated for quite some time. I consider this to be a very important post, and at
1000 words+, if you don’t have the time to read now, perhaps you can bookmark it and come back to it later.

The Mill

Being one who tends to be very impatient, I realized that I want everything to come together yesterday. My goals for the future extend far beyond my initial goal which I am striving for at the moment and documenting with you. Because they are so large, thinking about them all at once often makes my head hurt! lol. They seem so far off in the distance that they sometimes feel almost invisible in my minds eye.

On the plus side, so far in my journey I can confidently say that I have learnt a hell of a lot about the four different asset classes I will be pouring money into. The frustration appears to be stemming from the lack of hugely significant results thus far, and the speed at which results that I am seeing are coming through.

Another area of frustration stemmed from the lack of a strong reference group to whom I could bounce ideas. Striving to achieve something huge can sometimes make you feel like an outcast when you continue to associate with the same crowd you have become accustomed to. i.e. family members and friends who are unable to adapt to or understand heightened aspirations that you have acquired.

I genuinely believe that life is a process design to run you through the mill and sort the wheat from the chaff. Only those with ‘a strong mindset’ can really come out at the other end and receive the just rewards that life often throws at you for remaining steadfast and undeterred through the difficult process.

In trying to come up with a way to deal with my frustration and anchor myself, I have forced myself to sit down and, predominantly, change the way I think, as well as come up with a new plan that is an accelerator rather than a subconscious brake on progress!

A New Plan

For example, I have discovered that by simply writing down all the various things that you are worried about, you can help to clear your mind and become more proactive in finding solutions that will begin to steer you in the right direction.

With regards to the area of having a strong group of equally motivated people around me, I will be making a huge effort to network a lot more and attend seminars at least once every quarter. These are where I will come into contact with people who aspire to achieve big things, with the kind of thought patterns and philosophy on life I am after. I once heard millionaire property investor Simon Zutshi say ‘The larger your network, the higher your net-worth’. Whilst this stands to complete reason, I realized that this might be the reason why I am feeling so frustrated with my lack of significant results. I need to build my contacts in the world of personal development, business and financial success.

One of my biggest learns with regards to dealing with my frustration is the idea of having a long term mindset. In his program ‘How To Master Your Time’ Brian Tracy mentions that those with longer term views are the ones with greater success in society. In other words, those who plan months and years ahead of the present day and are prepared to delay gratification and wait for these results to materialize as the natural result of consistency are the ones who reached the upper echelons in society in terms of success and income levels. With this new knowledge, my mind took a complete paradigm shift.

Creativity is one of the most important skills to develop for anybody who wishes to be a general success. Creativity allows you to think outside of the box when facing problems and solve them. In the final analysis those who achieve are problem solvers. Coming to terms with the reality that problems will never go away enables you to become proactive and more creative in solving them when they arrive in order to qualify for greater levels of success in increments. It reaches the stage where you actually relish the challenge!!

In the desire to be successful, we all sometimes slip into forgetting to allow for down time with family and friends and more importantly, for the things we love. I sometimes labour for months on end, only to realize when I wake up one morning that I haven’t been reading, haven’t been listening to music, haven’t been enjoying art and culture, haven’t been writing songs etc. This is an ABSOLUTE mandatory requirement to achieve, which led me to my own revelation which I have written and stuck on my bedroom wall: A happy life is a balancing act.

All in all, it’s important to remember to have fun throughout the whole process, something which Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson always hammers through in interviews and articles. In his excellent book ‘Losing My Virginity’ which I strongly urge you to read, he tells many an anecdote about his drive for his business, but also his determination never to stray from his passion for life and fun throughout it all.

We all should work diligently, maintain confidence, keep a strong mindset, remember downtime, be creative, network with like minded people, study and have fun!


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