25 January 2011

Creating A Business Logo

So the next thing to think about in greater detail was my creating a business logo and what I wanted it to represent, making sure that it was something powerful that would be recognized in the industry. It’s strange, but right from the original inception I had a glowing image in my head of what I wanted; something very simple, but something I could make my own with the design and the name of the business attached to it. In a financial statement, the details of which I will be explaining in greater detail in a later post, things such as logos show up on your sheet as goodwill; not necessarily tangible but valuable nevertheless. I wanted my logo to be something that represents high quality with reference to the service that I am providing, and increases the value of my business over time as people familiarize themselves with it. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I wanted it drawn by someone who is excellent at art, which took me to someone I know very well.

Now…I had the logo drawn up and was happy with the results and proceeded to make payment for what I believed, and we had agreed was the product but which the artist subsequently decided was the drawing materials. Upon noticing the logo paraded around websites not long afterward, I became concerned and expressed this to the artist who then mentioned that I hadn’t made payment for the product itself [i.e. the drawing] but for the drawing materials [i.e. pens, card etc], which gave him the right to parade it as much as he liked, even way before the launch of my business? He then proceeded to reassure me in a condescending manner that nobody would steal it and that I had nothing to worry about.

I have no idea what this person thought I needed the logo for, maybe to borrow it for a while like a DVD and then give it back to him when I had finished with it??? In any case the whole thing was extremely irritating! What exactly this person’s problem is eludes me, but after much argument we currently stand in a situation of stalemate!

Needless to say, in future I will be absolutely ensuring that the details of any transaction due to happen is written down clearly so that both parties understand exactly what the arrangement is. I have also since discovered that is very easy to pick up blank receipts that can be used as official documentation of a transaction between two parties, as long as the details of the transaction are recorded clearly and signed by the one selling the product or service just before money is exchanged.

An annoying experience, but the very first valuable one...I will be learning very very quickly it seems.

Cheers sir, it was a nightmare doing business with you!

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