23 December 2010

The Importance Of A Strong Mindset

We are all familiar with age old sayings which are mentioned throughout the decades. One of these sayings revolves around the idea of thinking positively, or telling people that everything will be alright. We hear these things so often that we have a tendency to dismiss them as their frequent mention causes us to underestimate their importance. In reaching yell0brickrd and beyond however, I have been forced to remember just how important having a strong positive outlook is on achieving one’s dreams. This post is not so much about money, but about the characteristics that will be mandatory to get where we eventually want to be.

Whilst the knowledge of what to do is important, the strength of character and general positive outlook required is perhaps the most important fact of all. The process to become rich from the original inception for most people, myself included, is often one that will require high levels of discipline, optimism and the ability to bounce back from delays, setbacks and failures. Self doubt constantly stirs in the background, making one question whether their goal is something that is truly within their power to acheive.

In overcoming this, I have surrounded myself with friends and family who are all committed to achieving huge goals of their own; people who have spades of confidence to provide me during my times of greatest doubt. I analyse my strengths and weaknesses as a human being and remind myself of the poem of which one line reads 'success is failure turned inside out'.

Failure is something to be welcomed. It runs you through the mill and chisels you as an individual. It irons out kinks in your character. The more you fail, the quicker you can begin to succeed!

I have realised that any extraordinay dream requires the willingness to do a lot more than the average, to stare failure in the face with resolve and to bounce back up like a cage fighter. Laziness is not an option in any area; drive, discipline, education or in taking action.

I write this to remind myself and to encourage others like me that dizzying heights are acheivable if so many others have done it and that all we need is the information, the discipline, and the courage to act!

Plug yourself in

An audio program that was instrumental to me from a self development aspect, was The Strangest Secret - Single CD, Digitally Re-mastered, 2000 by Earl Nightingale. It is very short, but contains powerful information to force you to view things in a different way. In essence, the quality of thoughts that dominate your thinking on a daily basis (positive or negative) attract like for like circumstances into your life.

In cultivating the kind of character required for success, self development has been absolutely priceless and a regular exercise whose importance I simply cannot stress enough. I will continue to mention particular programs I have personally used throughout later posts. If any readers know of any powerful programs also, please feel free to mention them below.  


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