27 March 2011

Real Estate Riches - Dolf De Roos [Review]

Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker's MoneyFor those wanting a simple to read, fun and insightful book on property/real estate, look no further than Real Estate Riches by Dolf De Roos. This book contains everything that you could possibly need to start investing in the ultimate income vehicle. The book makes a powerful case for investing in property and explains why the sheer leverage that you can get by getting banks to put up a huge percentage of the money makes it better than any other investment you can think of, and I personally agree. 

All the main questions you would ask if you wanted to start is covered; questions such as, ‘How do I analyse whether it’s a good property’, ‘how many properties would I need to look at’, ‘how do I find the money’, ‘how do I write the adverts’ etc

Real Estate Riches is written in a very conversational tone which makes it enjoyable to go through. The book deals with questions that most people will no doubt worry about such as having to fix toilets or blocked drains and explains why that shouldn’t be a concern at all. 

Perhaps the most beneficial thing written in this book is the information that shows you how to calculate yields, cash on cash and internal rates of return. All of these things give you a greater insight into analyzing deals. Finally, a primer is given on the fact that there are so many tax advantages not available in other vehicles and he explains why getting into debt is the best thing you can do to get rich! 

Dolf De Roos does an excellent job of making you feel inspired to take action and achieve your goals and again, as a fundamental, would definitely be something I would recommend. Pick up your copy today.  


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