22 April 2011

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson [Review]

WOW, what a book! ‘Losing My Virginity’ by Richard Branson is brilliant and takes you through all the emotions that make a good book good. Far from a boring collection of stories about his wealth and his business profits etc, this book is written in true story form and is just such a page-turner in the way that it keeps you hooked. He starts from his childhood, detailing some of the things his parents made him do as well as the lessons they taught him about how to approach life. 

Sprinkled on these inspirational and often humorous stories is greater detail of his later ventures and all of the ups and downs that came along with it. The launch of the Virgin mail order company; the record store and label, and how he survived seemingly inevitable failure and Virgin Atlantic and his colossal battle with British Airways. Other businesses are also spoken about in slightly less detail such as Virgin Trains and Virgin Galactic.

Losing My Virginity: How I've Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My WayReading this book will inspire you to take greater action in any area of life. It will teach you about the importance of reinvention, having a group of talented people working with you, adopting an empowering philosophy, reinvestment for profit and above all, taking risks and having fun! 

Reading this book shows you the true enormity of what he has achieved and the colourful life he has led, both from a business and personal point of view. There are one or two sections where the book lulls in its ability to keep you hooked, but this is only written in the interest of analysing good and bad, it is so insignificant in the wider context.

His commitment to making the world a better place is also made very clear. He explains his passion for searching for alternative energy sources we can use to reduce oil dependence and his determination to assist in solving some of the greater challenges of the world such as poverty, war and illness.  

This is a truly great read from a man who has accomplished so much. Pick up your copy today.

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