24 April 2011

Work For Free To Get Rich!

Learn To Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job
One trick for success is learning how to work for free. In fact in most cases I ended up spending money for no immediate reward. Working for free requires a mental change and a conscious sacrifice, and most of the people I had associated myself with couldn’t get why I would spend so much time after the 9-5 working on things which wouldn’t immediately provide an income.

Recently I reviewed ‘Unfair advantage. The chapter on the law of compensation provided a lot of motivation for me to keep making an effort every day. Every small effort acts like a crucial deposit, which always eventually pays off. 

So far, I have still been working in my pharma job whilst working my way up to a level of passive income that will help me to reach yell0brickrd. It has been a slow process because I decided to simultaneously eliminate bad debt whilst investing in my knowledge in order to take action. 
I am preparing to take larger steps and so after stretching my paycheque this month, I will be making a lump payment to a debt, which will take me one step closer to being bad debt free.

Why work For Free?

To qualify for results means taking small steps everyday. Without it, there are no success building blocks available as a foundation, which means that success steers clear.

I remember Brian Tracy once saying, ‘In the final analysis, no one really cares.’ I found this to be the real reason why I should work for free, because noone was coming to save me from being broke!

Free Work?

Another activity which can pay huge dividends is actually carrying out free work. With some creativity and wisdom, taking an opportunity to work for a company for what you can learn is an excellent win-win situation; they get free labour in exchange for providing knowledge. This investment of time can be invaluable!

Working for free teaches you to be creative. By forgoing a salary you can acquire knowledge and find more creative and rewarding ways to generate income!

I hope this helps readers who are trying to reach their own yell0brickrd, whatever the figure may be. I think Richard St John said it best when he explained in his video that success is a continual process. The activities required are usually the ones that pay no initial income: persistence, knowledge, networking etc

For your achievement


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