16 April 2011

The Pixar Philosophy For Creative Thinking

Who else LOVES Pixar?! Both from a film-making and business point of view, they are amazing. They have become hugely successful by capturing the minds of children and adults all over the globe. I think it’s fair to say they are more than a little creative. Who else would love a track record that reads like this:-

Aside from their business success, I love their creativity, which is one of the most important skills for success. So I thought I would look for some information about how Pixar think and see what I could learn. After all, if creativity is important for success, who better to get some ideas from than Pixar.


At Pixar, everybody is encouraged to bring creative ideas to the table. Pixar say that a film is a collection of thousands of different ideas. Every idea is looked at and although it may not be used it is still appreciated! From this point of view, asking those around us and bringing a team of people together fosters more creativity for ideas of solution in money/investment/business problems.   

Continual Change

Pixar believe in change to foster magic. Constantly bringing in new technology and new people with fresh outlooks paves the way for magical novel ideas to burst through. With that being said, in trying to increase our ability to be creative we might consider attending different seminars, reading different books etc to generate fresh and novel ideas for approaching our problems.


Pixar recognises that one of the reasons for their success and continued innovation comes from recruiting highly talented people. Of course doing so when money is low may be difficult, but being creative with how we can attract them will bring them to us in order to utilize their talent to achieve results. They also mention that the process of finding these people is not easy. We need to exercise patience when trying to find somebody with the skills we require to help us with our dilemmas.

I would love to know what other ideas you guys have for being creative in order to achieve higher goals and solve pressing problems, or any books or programs you have used to help you. Let me know below! Dont forget to sign up for FREE updates via email!

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