9 April 2011

6 Skills For Success That Get You Airborne

The other day I got thinking about my current financial station. It’s not where I need to be but its certainly better than where I was. I began to wonder to myself, what are the 6 KEY skills for success that I need to give me wings. Here is what I came up with.    


Used in the right way, I find this idea incredibly powerful. They say never give up, some say be persistent or remain optimistic. I love those, but I love the idea of being stubborn in the face of adversity much better.  It’s a strong mental choice in the mind that says it doesn’t matter what challenges come up on the journey to wealth, I’m standing right here because my beliefs are deeply entrenched like an old fashioned parent!


This is the most difficult thing you could ever imagine!! You know what needs to be done but you feel exhausted, dejected, you want to relax, take more of a break than you need, socialize, or think things are not coming together so you should quit. Building your levels of self-discipline leads to success and provides the freedom that comes with more choice.


I try to remember to summon up creativity as much as possible. It’s like a magic tool. Brian Tracy often says that the more you use creativity, the stronger it becomes. It’s getting to the point where you actually love the idea of problems coming your way; seeing it as a chance to increase your creativity ratio. Using it is what gets most people from the back of the line to the very front! I don’t think success is possible without it! 


This is one I’m still working on. Even if you acquire skill number [5], it can sometimes make you even more impatient. Patience comes from knowing that the discipline [2] you put in to stay focused will definitely pay off.


I think this is when you reach that stage where you know that you have what it takes to make it and you no longer have to convince yourself. Once that cross that level it sinks in and you become so relaxed, because you know that all the hard work will begin to yield fruit as long as you remain patient [3]. Reaching this stage allows the success to come your way without coming up against any barriers.


Reading keeps the mind brimming with new ideas, new techniques and methods of solving challenges, ahead of the competition. It can become an addiction that leads to no action however. So ACTION is something that is very important. Acquire some good knowledge and immediately take action! Its funny, when you fail your knowledge increases and when your knowledge increase and you take action, you will begin to achieve success!

What other skills for success did I miss? What do you importance do you think id needed? Leave your thoughts below!

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