7 April 2011

Built To Sell - John Warrillow [Preview]

Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without YouThis is a post about John Warrillow’s book ‘Built To Sell’. As part of my journey to build my business in order to provide a service, whilst getting closer to yell0brickrd [30k a month], I realised that I need to make sure that I create something that I can put on auto-pilot and that can thrive without me being there after the hard work is put in. 

Many people aspire to do this but never quite get there. Even I thought it may be premature, I realised that I have been working on an exit strategy before I’ve begun. This is something that investors are very interested in when considering lending money to your business.  

With that being said, in addition to networking with like minded people, I decided to find out an experts opinion on the subject. John Warrillow is a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold companies. 

The Story

According to him only 1 in 100 businesses with aspirations to sell actually realise their dream. His new book ‘Built to Sell’ intends to increase the chances of that successfully happening for you. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon and thought I would give you a heads up. 

The book is written in story form and follow a character named Alex [smile] struggling to sell his company. This is because the business cannot operate without him. He turns to Ted, a business owner and family friend who lays out a plan to help him. It focuses around creating a business that is; Teachable, Valuable and Repeatable.

I also follow John’s blog where he writes interesting topics to do with business. Watch out for part 2 of this post where I will give a comprehensive review on my thoughts about the book.  Pre-order your copy today!

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